God Transforms Lives!

(He Can Transform Your Life Too!)

Be Touched and Inspired By the Story

Of An Angry Young Man Who Was Lost And Alone

Walking In The Wilderness

Who Was Touched By God And Transformed

Into A Lifelong Disciple And A Mighty Man Of God

God’s Donkey is the true story of a young boy who was abandoned by his mother at 18 months old, who experienced the joy of living with his loving Grandmother, and then, on returning to the family home was tormented and rejected by his Step Mother.  Feeling trapped and frustrated, and often persecuted, Peter decided to run away from home, at an age when most young boys are playing football with their friends, and tackle life’s challenges on his own.  His first attempt was short-lived, but soon after being returned to the family home, Peter ran away for good.

As a young man, Peter’s life was one of high adventure and drama often cloaked in risk and danger.  After a number of years, he found that he was angry with life and associating with the wrong kind of people, involved in dubious activities and petty crime; he had become a penniless, heavy drinker, living in virtual squalor.  And yet, God’s salvation was near at hand.

Peter eventually found warmth and shelter at a Salvation Army hostel in Manchester.  For the first time in years, Peter’s life began to improve until one day a Salvation Army Officer “forced” him to pray before he went off to his local pub for a night on the ale.  Soon after, his life changed forever when he first encountered God.  Still dubious, Peter challenged God to help him with his drink problem to prove He existed.  Within a matter of days, Peter’s love of beer was at an end; God had more than answered the challenge and Peter’s life would never be the same.

God’s Donkey tells the story of how Peter was transformed by God’s love from being a drunken, angry down-and-out young man into an Evangelist who had learnt to trust in God and obey God’s commands.  In his walk with God, Peter has experienced God’s supernatural provision enabling him to do God’s work in many countries, including the United States and Africa, bringing the message of the Gospel and God’s love to thousands of people.

God’s Donkey is a true inspiration for everyone.  Wherever you find yourself and whatever the circumstances of your life, Peter’s story can touch your life and bring you closer to God.  Peter’s life is a wonderful testimony that God will meet you wherever you’re at, and if you will allow Him to, He will touch your heart and transform your life for the better.

It is our wish that as many people as possible have the opportunity to learn of Peter’s story, but more importantly are inspired by the truth, that there is a living God and He can and will transform lives and that He will never leave or forsake you.

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